Tamerica TPW 3200 3:1 Twin Loop Wire-O Punch and Bind Machine

Tamerica TPW 3200 3:1 Twin Loop Wire-O Punch and Bind Machine

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Product Description:

The TPW 3200 is an all new punch and bind machine by Tamerica designed for 3:1 Pitch Twin Loop Wire-O.

The Tamerica TPW-3200 Manual 3:1 Wire Punch and Binding Machine is a compact machine designed for the wire binding needs of offices, churches, schools, and more. Punching up to 12 sheets at a time, and closing books up to 120 sheets with 9/16" wire binds. An open-ended punching throat allows for making oversize documents. The TPW 3200 comes with a side margin control and a 4 position punching depth adjustment for perfect and easy sheet alignment.

The built in wire hanger makes it easy to thread your punched sheets onto the binding element, and the incorporated wire closer is designed for up to 9/16" wire (standard maximum size for 3:1 Wire-O Binds). Hollow ground dies provide smooth and clean punching, and heavy duty all metal construction ensures resilience.


  • Max. Binding Capacity: 9/16" 3:1 Twin Loop Wire (~120 sheets)
  • Max. Punching Capacity: 12 Sheets of 8.5" x 11" 20lb Paper per Punch
  • Wire Holder: Holds wires in place
  • Wire Closer: Designed for 3:1 Wire-O
  • Side Margin Adjustment: For easy alignment
  • Punch Depth Adjustment: For perfect opening books
  • Open Ends: Punch oversize documents
  • Punch Dies: 32 Holes designed for 3:1 Wire
  • Punching Pitch: 3:1
  • Metal Construction: Durable and Strong