Semacon S-140 Electric Coin Counter

Semacon S-140 Electric Coin Counter

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Semacon S-140 Electric Coin Counter

Businesses that deal in large amounts of coins and coin based operations can appreciate the quiet, super-fast efficiency of the Semacon S-140 Electric Coin Counter.  It’s the perfect asset for businesses such as laundromats, car washes, vending machine operators, etc.  It’s easy operation and heavy duty,  long-lasting performance makes this coin counter a great investment that will pay off for years to come.

The Semacon S-140 Electric Coin Counter operates automatically and has variable bagging and packaging stop points.  It’s control panel is push button controlled and provides the functions most often used by the operator.  The offsort function allows the larger and smaller coins to be separated into a second bag or tray and that function will also work for foreign coins and tokens.  It’s heavy duty solid metal chassis is designed to withstand harsh environments and are capable of handling wet coins as well.  

With speed, efficiency and packaging capabilities, the Semacon S-140 Electric Coin Counter can be the perfect asset for your coin operated business!

Coin Packaging

Semacon's S-140 Coin Counters feature convenient coin packaging capabilities. Coin packaging tubes are available as an option for wrapping the following denominations:

1¢ - 5¢ - 10¢ - 25¢
50¢ - $1.00 (Golden/SBA)
Canadian Loonie - Canadian Toonie

Additional tubes are available for packaging coins of other foreign countries. Please inquire with your special requests.

Electric & Manual Operation
Our S-120 & S-140 model coin counters / offsorters / packagers operate with electricity for the ultimate combination off high speed and ease of use with the added capability to assist you in packaging coins into coin wrappers at very high speeds.

Safety Features
At Semacon, the safety of our customers is one of our highest priorities! Our counters incorporate numerous safety features, such as a protective covers over the feed belt system that are easily removable and allow the operator quick access to the feed system.