Martin Yale 1628 Desktop Letter Opener

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The Martin Yale 1628 is great for mid-size businesses with moderate mail volume. This machine will automatically feed and open a stack of envelopes. Just set the stack of standard business envelopes on the machine and it will pull them through the machine and cut them open for you. The Martin Yale 1628 can handle a stack up to one inch thick and uses enclosed cutting blades to protect your fingers and to prevent injuries when cutting. This unit is ideal for medium sized businesses that deal with hundreds of pieces of mail per day. Plus, it is small enough and quiet enough that it can sit on your desk or in your work room without being obtrusive. Consider adding the Martin Yale 1628 letter opener to your office today.

Product Details

  • Automatically feeds and opens a stack of envelopes
  • Accepts standard-sizes business envelopes
  • Handles a stack of envelopes up to 1" high
  • Blades are fully enclosed to protect fingers
  • Operates at a speed of up to 3,000 envelopes per hour
  • Non-skid rubber suction feet keep machine in place
  • Low noise operation