Kobra 260 TS S5 Med Volume Strip Cut Shredder

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The Kobra 260 TS S5 Medium Volume Office Shredder is a multi-media strip cut office shredder capable of shredding up to 30 sheets at once with a minimum speed of 17 feet per minute. It has a dedicated unit for optical media, shredding through a second set of cutting knives, and disposing into a designated removable bin, keeping paper separate from plastic. Standard features include a wide 10.25" throat opening for paper and a convenient 16-gallon bin in a high-quality steel cabinet. The Energy Smart feature will shut the machine down to standby mode after just 8 seconds of idle time and switch it off after 4 hours of non-operation.


  • Heavy duty chain drive with steel gears
  • 24 hr continuous duty motor
  • Touch screen panel with LED indicators
  • Auto start/auto stop through electronic eyes
  • Automatic stop at bin removal and/or full waste bin  
  • Automatic reverse in case of jams