Kobra 260 TS C4 AUTO OILER Medium Volume Office Shredder

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The new Kobra 260 TS C4 Cross cut Shredder can shred Papers, CDs, credit cards and DVDs. It has an interactive touch Screen Panel which allows the user to activate all the controls with a touch screen interface. For transparent materials, the user has to keep his finger on the "Forward" control for 5 seconds and the machine will operate for 30 seconds, which is enough for the transparent materials to be shredded. The Kobra 260 TS C4 Cross cut Shredder comes with an Electronic Power Control mechanism which allows the shredder to perform in an optimized way by monitoring and displaying the shredding load. This feature prevents the shredder from jamming. The Carbon hardened cutting knives have sharp blade edges so the staples and clips cannot cause any damage to them. This allows the shredder to achieve high shredding loads by consuming little power.
The Kobra 260 TS C4 Cross cut Shredder comes with a very efficient Energy saving system called "Energy Smart". The shredder automatically goes into power saving mode if the shredder is left idle for just 8 seconds. The shredder restarts automatically when new material is inserted into it. The shredder cuts off itself from the mains power supply if it is left idle for hours. This feature can save a huge amount of electricity.
The Kobra 260 TS C4 Cross cut Shredder has a �Super Potential Power System" which consists of two parts, sturdy steel gears and metal chain drive system. The metal chain drive system is highly reliable and does not wear out like plastic chain drive systems. CDs, DVDs, and credit cards can be shredded separately by two sets of cutting knives and the shredded material can be taken out separately into two bins. This shredder has an Automatic Reverse functionality which allows the machine to go to Auto reverse mode when extra material is inserted. An Automatic Oiling System can be attached to Kobra 260 TS C4 crosscut shredder which removes the need for manual oiling of the cutting knives. The Kobra 260 TS C4 Cross cut Shredder has a Metal Detection System called "Shred Guard" which warns the user when a metal is inserted into the machine accidentally. It stops the machine before the metal can reach the cutting knives.