Dahle 20390 Strip Cut Paper Shredder

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The Dahle 20390 strip-cut shredder with its massive 50-gallon shred container is an ideal shredder for large volume shredding office environments. Featuring a 16" wide feed opening that can shred up to 60 sheets per pass. The Dahle 20390 strip cut shredder can shred CD’s DVDs, and credit cards as well as staples and paper clips. It also features indicators for door open, a bag full, and overfeed, as well as automatic reverse function to clear paper jams, an automatic start/stop function. The Dahle 20390 includes the ability to choose between automatic and manual operation.


  •   Heavy-duty chain and sprocket drive
  •   High capacity 50-gallon shred container
  •   Fully electronic operation
  •   Powerful 2 1/2Hp continuous duty motor
  •   Housed in a wooden cabinet with heavy-duty casters
  •   Dedicated 120 volts, 20-amp line required