Acroprint ProPunch Time Clock Biometric Bundle (with Software)

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Acroprint Propunch Time Clock Biometric Bundle (with Software)

Acroprint ProPunch bundle is the best value, Fully-Automated, web-based, biometrically-enabled time and attendance system available for businesses Of every size. The bundle is complete and ready to use and includes a biometric fingerprint data collection clock and powerful ProPunch software, with an initial 1-year license and 50-user capacity, both of which are renewable and expandable with upgrades sold separately. This has a yearly renewal of $120.00 which is a support contract. The first year is included. Support is included with the license subscription, so no additional costs are necessary for getting the help you need. Upgrade to as many employees as you need. The fingerprint terminal prevents buddy punching, while the integrated pin and proximity badge features provide you with options. Many customized reports like who’s in/out, shift and schedule assignments, and benefit time tracking allow Admins, supervisors and Employee have controlled, real-time access to the data from any web-enabled device, including mobile phones and tablets.

Requirements include:
Software to be installed on a PC or server with Windows 7 or later, 8MB ram, accessible over the internet.

  • Support for an unlimited number of users
  • ProPunch system (time clock + software) comes with a one-year warranty and one year of free support
  • After the first year, customers can purchase customer support for $120/year

A Clock That Lets You Do Things Your Way

Flexible Punching Options
Collect all punches in real time with the biometric fingerprint reader for true employee accountability — PIN punching and proximity card punching are also available.

No-Hassle Software
Easy-to-install software provides an up-to-date view of essential information, including head counts, time off balances, missed punches and so much more.

Start Collecting Every Punch Today
This dependable time clock is easy to set up, only requiring an ethernet connection to your computer so you can record all punches as they occur.

Make Employees Responsible for Their Own Time
The biometric fingerprint reader guarantees that all employees will be punching for themselves by making buddy punching impossible.

Quick & Easy Punching
The viewable full-color screen and convenient keypad speed up punching so employees won’t have to wait around while their colleagues are clocking in and out for work, lunch or scheduled breaks.

Available in French or Spanish
These additional language options open up your workforce to employees from a wider range of cultural and geographical backgrounds.

Stay on Top of Your Business

Our advanced software provides time-saving workforce management tools for your business because we know you have a lot of other things to do.



System Requirements:

  • Data input : Fingerprint scanner, proximity badges 125Khz, or keypad
  • Data transfer options : Ethernet (TCP/IP)
  • Display : 2.8 TFT True Color 320 v 240 pixes
  • Language options : English, Spanish, French
  • User capacity : 3,000
  • Administrator capacity : 100
  • Fingerprint template capacity : 3,000
  • Proximity cards capacity : 3,000
  • Recommended operating environment : temperature 32°F to 113°F (0°C to 45°C) humidity 20% – 60%
  • Integrated kickstand or wall mountable

If you have any questions or concerns, contact a customer service representative today.