Acroprint ES900 Electronic Payroll Recorder/Time Stamp/Numbering Machine

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From the manufacturer

Acroprint ES900 Advanced 3 in one timeclock
Acroprint ES900 Advanced 3 in one timeclock
Acroprint ES900 Advanced 3 in one timeclock
Acroprint advanced time and attendance clock with optional battery and  password protected
Acroprint ES900 Time Clock over 300 print configurations, accurate time, easy document handling.

The versatile ES900 time stamp can be used to support time and attendance, job costing and document control and is designed for a professional office environment. No resetting needed: The ES900 time recorder synchronizes automatically with time codes transmitted by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, keeping it incredibly accurate. The internal battery backup keeps the clock on time, even during power outages. Flexible options: With over 300 possible print configurations and 13 preset messages in your choice of six languages, the ES900 easily supports a wide variety of time and attendance document control applications. This time stamp accommodates virtually any time card, document or form, offering adjustable print font size, your choice of automatic, semi-automatic or manual print operation, and left or right hand print. The power supply is switchable from 124V to 240V. Easy to use: Cards and documents are a snap to align correctly, thanks to a handy window in the cover and a bright internal LED illuminating the document print area. In addition, the ES900 is protected with a user-selected four digit numeric password. For your additional safety and peace of mind, the ES900 clocks are UL-approved. This product carries a full one year manufacturer's warranty.

Features & details

  • Versatile operation - automatic, semi-automatic or manual print operations
  • Automatic date advance and Daylight Saving Time adjustments save you time
  • Multiple languages and time formats to fit any company's staff and time reporting needs
  • Made in USA